AIYIMA T5 6K4 Tube preamp review

Aiyima T5 tube preamp

AIYIMA T5 Tube Preamp

Tested at $99

Sound (pre-out)


Sound (headphones)









  • Well balanced sound
  • Bluetooth
  • Remote control
  • Build quality


  • No Hi-Res support
  • Low impedance IEMs background hiss

A week ago I received Tube T5, a tube preamp from fairly unfamiliar brand AIYIMA. It’s a small preamp with integrated DAC, or DAC with volume control and additional analog inputs if you will. T5 offers headphone output on the front which is quite common. The thing that’s not that common is a Bluetooth connection on such an affordable product. 

In the heart of its digital section, there’s a C-media HS100B audio chip. It offers very basic support of 16 bit, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz playback, no support for hi-res formats whatsoever. Personally, I don’t take it as a big handicap as equipment at this level doesn’t benefit from it much anyway. Other than that, T5 is using Texas Instruments MC33078 operational amplifier as a headphone amp and Qualcomm CSR8635 Bluetooth chip.


The build is sturdy and the device feels positively hefty. Whole-body is made of brushed aluminum with a thick front panel. Tubes are located under the hood which gets hot during operation. Factory supplied ones are 6K4 but you can change them if you wish to do that. I stuck with the default ones during this review.

On the back, we find a USB digital input, a Bluetooth antenna, as well as two analog inputs: a pair of RCAs and 3.5 mm stereo jack.

The front panel hosts a 6.35 mm headphone out, one button and volume knob. The display is sufficiently big and bright to be readable in all conditions.

Last but not least, it comes with a nice looking and functional remote. You can operate all T5’s functions using it so the main unit doesn’t need to be in your reach.


I hooked T5 to my main system – Cyrus 8vs2 and KEF LS50s to test its line out. The sound coming from this device was fairly balanced. It doesn’t emphasize any region in particular. Bass notes are sufficiently weighty. Vocals are rendered in a present and dense fashion, just very slightly on the warm side. High frequencies are present enough, but never too bright or harsh. Overall energy and dynamics are satisfying. Soundstage width is quite decent too.

Listening to this nicely balanced presentation I never felt the need to use its tone controls. I eventually tried them just to quickly return to the so-called Hifi mode, which is flat. Simply, no tone alterations were needed in my system.

A quick comparison with DragonFly Black was interesting. T5 and Black are so close in their overall music presentation that they might be indistinguishable in a less resolute system. Overall tonality, dynamics, soundstage width and depth are neck on neck. That said, in my setup, I preferred T5 just a bit. It offered slightly more control over bass notes and slightly smoother sound overall.


Moving to the headphone output, a similarly balanced approach continues. Tonality is great and yet again I don’t find any reason to use tone controls with any of my headphones. Power level is more than sufficient to drive my Takstar Pro 82, AKG K92 as well as triple driver IEMs Senfer DT6 or Tin Audio T2. All of those sounded very dynamic and could go quite loud. That said, some background hiss is hearable trough low impedance IEMs so this might not be the best choice for such models.

Again, a quick comparison with DragonFly Black was interesting as Black possesses a great headphone amp. I must say that even though T5 puts a fair fight, this time around Black wins. Power levels are comparable but small dongle offers crispier upper mids and highs, digging more tiny details from these regions. It also doesn’t have hissing issue with low impedance earphones.


Pairing with my Android phone went quickly and without any fuss. One odd thing to notice is that T5 was recognized as Tube 06. The connection stayed stable through the course of several songs. I was moving around my room a bit and it didn’t drop or make any popping sounds.

Audio quality I was getting using the BT connection was quite good for casual listening. Presentation is somewhat softer on the edges and not as detailed compared to USB input but that’s to be expected. Bluetooth is more about convenience anyway, and this one is quick and easy to use.


AIYIMA T5 is a quite capable and feature-rich device for the price. Very decent sound quality over line/pre-out is going in its favor. The same goes for analog inputs and Bluetooth connection wich are rarely bundled at this price point. Headphone out is of a decent quality too. You have to be careful about headphone pairing though as low impedance headphones are prone to hissing. Lastly, format support leaves something to be desired.

Competition such as Dragonfly Black can offer some advantages in terms of formats, and IEM support, but T5 offers more ways to connect, to control your volume and tone. If hi-res formats and low impedance IEMs are not something you tend to use, T5 is a very capable device for the asking price.


D/A converter: C-media HS100B
Headphone amp: MC33078
Bluetooth chip: Qualcomm CSR8635
PC USB sampling rate: 16bit 44.1k/48khz
THD: 0.01%
PC-USB support system: XP/Vista/W7/W8/W10/LINU/XMAC/ OSX
Bluetooth version: 4.2
Bluetooth matching impedance: 16-64Ω
SNR: ≥98dB
Headphone max power output: 40mW – 500mW @ 300 – 32 Ohm
Working voltage: DC12V, ≥1A
Bass and treble adjustment range: ±14dB
RCA output level: 2.3V
Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz(±1db); HIFI mode: 20Hz-20khz (±0.1db)
Net weight: 0.4 kg
Price at the time of review: $99


7 thoughts on “AIYIMA T5 6K4 Tube preamp review

    1. Hi Carlos! Yes, you can connect an external DAC to the AUX input (pair of RCA input connectors on the back). AUX input is an analog one so it doesn’t use T5’s internal DAC.

    1. Would you recommend FX audio mkII for that?Volume Control on FX audio dac wont be concern with T5 combo?Thankyou

    1. Or sms 100 mkII?Or maybe you recommending something completely different in that price range?Help me please

    1. If you want to connect that DAC to the T5, then SMSL 100 MKII is a better option. If you take DAC-X6 MKII, it also has a preamp (volume control) built-in, it would work without a problem but that way you would let your signal go through two preamps basically and that’s not that good for the sound quality.

      So here’s my advice, if you already have T5, then go for the purest and simplest DAC such as SMSL M100 MKII and control everything else on your T5. If you didn’t buy T5 already then you can buy just FX-Audio DAC-X6 MKII and use only that. It has an even better DAC and headphone amp than T5, it also has volume control over RCA so you can use it as a preamp too, and it has Bluetooth. But mixing T5 and X6 is just mixing two of the same purpose devices.

I have a modded fx audio tube 03. I use this as a pre-amp connected to a power amp, but I’m sick of getting up and turning the volume up and down. I like this device because of the remote, how would this compare to the 03 strictly from a standpoint of using it as a pre-amp only? Thx

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