Xiaomi Hybrid Pro 2 review (vs Hybrid Pro and Pro HD)

Xiaomi Hybrid Pro 2


  • Decent balance
  • Lightweight


  • More talented competition

Today I’ll talk about newly released Hybrid Pro 2 and compare them to both older models –  Hybrid Pro and Pro HD

Pro 2s are made of light aluminum


Pro 2s are here to replace plane old Hybrid Pro, the one without HD in the end. Regarding the first Hybrid Pro, I liked their look and feel but I didn’t like their sound. They offered an aggressively V-shaped frequency response. The sound was very bassy and the bass was not well controlled. Highs were bright and sharp, while mids were recessed and had no fullness whatsoever. The soundstage was cluttered and there was no sense of space. For me, that was a sound I just couldn’t enjoy or recommend.

Pro HD sounds much cleaner than the plane Hybrid Pro. That’s especially true for the bass line which is very well controlled and you can actually hear articulate bass notes. Some may argue that it could be more weighty and that’s true. Bass is not that deep and punchy but it’s fast and precise. Highs on the HD model are detailed but unfortunately very pronounced and fatiguing. Mids are again recessed and thin sounding which is a weak link of all Xiaomi Hybrids, unfortunately. Now I would probably use EQ with Pro HD to tone down high frequencies a little bit because their natural signature is too bright and aggressive for my taste. 


Braided cable and clean design look nice.

Pro 2 here falls somewhere between Pro and Pro HD. Compared to the first Pro these sound a little bit better balanced. For example, the bass is toned down a little bit, while clarity is increased a little. That said they are still not very resolving and clean sounding. Like all Hybrids, they are also bright and edgy with highs. Compared to Pro HD, these are just not as clear or resolving, everything sounds muddier so it’s a definite step down. 

In terms of built quality, I like all of them but Pro HD feels heavier and more substantial than the other two. The cable is also thicker and more tangle-free on the HD model. Considering all that and better sound quality – they are easily the best Hybrids among these three. They do cost a few bucks extra but the price difference is not that big at all – and it’s more than justified.


All Xiaomi Hybrid models are nicely built and finished. Sound-wise Pro HDs are the best, but other models like KZ ZSN, Senfer DT6, etc. offer even greater fidelity at the same price point.

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