TRN VX – a 7-driver earphone review



Tested at $72

Sound quality


Fit and comfort







  • Incisive presentation
  • Exciting listen
  • Great build and comfort


  • Sharp and edgy sound will not suite everyone

TRN has just introduced its latest model to the market and it’s called VX. It comes with whooping 7 drivers and costs around 70 bucks. Ten bucks per driver sounds like a good deal, right? Well, at least in terms of quantity but I was more interested in their quality and skill of producing high fidelity sound. Let’s dig into it and find out.

Build, fit, and cable

TRN VX is made of aluminum and coated with a pint that has a kind of soft-touch feel to it that’s very pleasant. It might not be apparent trough pictures, but there’s a real premium feel to VX. They’re not too chunky as one might expect considering the sheer number of drivers used. Moreover, these are fairly lightweight which definitely helps their ergonomics.

Talking about ergonomics, TRN VX fit great in my ears. Pre-shaped ear-hooks are soft and not too springy, so mounting these is a fuss-free experience. I know that’s a very personal matter but that said and judging by my experience, these deserve high praise for comfort.

Lastly, the cable is a typical braided solution, which means it tangles quite easily but on a positive note it’s not microphonic. It’s detachable too so you can opt for an aftermarket solution if you wish.


The first thing that hits you with TRN VX is how sharp and fast they sound. Starting with the baseline, it’s fairly decent in weight but definitely not suited for bass-heads or those who like their bass to lend warmth to the rest of the spectrum. This one is reasonably weighty but very fast and agile in return. Going higher you’ll notice a dip in the lower midrange which rips some body and weight from vocals and other tones. Then comes the empathized part of the upper midrange and a portion of high frequencies.

What this type of tuning means for your music is that TRN VX sounds lean and mean. That emphasis on the upper region is lending all the sharp details and leading edges you’d ever want. Now add to that energy and attack these in-ars posses and we get edges and transients presented in a ruthless and very analytical fashion. This character is sure flashy and exciting but definitely not the last word regarding finesse and musicality.

Other than that, the separation of individual instruments is great and the sound is quite spacious for an in-ear model.


I found the sound signature of TRN VX to be a bit overzealous for longer listening, so I’ve decided to give EQ-ing a chance. I did it solely by ear and ended up with this:

– 3 dB at 4 kHz
– 3 dB at 8 kHz

The result was taming of those dominant regions just enough so I can listen for a longer period of time and actually enjoy the other qualities VX has to offer.


TRN VX possesses some nice and desirable qualities such as great premium build and comfort. Their sound signature is marked by class-leading speed, clarity, and sharp transients that’ll try to claw and bite their way into your heart. This aggressive approach will sure work for some but it will not suit all, especially the ones looking for a full-bodied and musical approach.


Driver Configuration: 10 mm dual-magnet dynamic driver, 3 x 30095 balanced armature, 3 x 50060 balanced armature
Impedance: 22 Ω
Sensitivity: 107 dB/mW
Frequency range: 7- 40000 Hz
Cable Length: 1.25 m
Earphone interface: 2-pin 0.75 mm interface

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