Topping L30 headphone amplifier launched

Topping L30

Topping has just launched its latest headphone amplifier called L30. Topping L30 is imagined to be paired with the brand’s popular D/A converter E30 that I already reviewed.

Topping L30 will offer you a choice of 3 different gain levels that should help to easily match the gain to any particular headphones.

Gain settings:

  • Low (-9.9dB).
  • Mid (0dB).
  • High (9.5dB).

The company also boasts a high output power of 3.5 W per channel which is more than enough to drive basically anything you can throw at it. A set of output line-level RCA connectors is provided too, which means L30 can be used as a preamp too. That’s something I personally always like to see on a head-amp as it increases its versatility and connectivity. Here’s the shortlist of features that the company boasts about:

  • Output up to 3500 mW ×2 @ 16 Ω and 2400 mW ×2 @ 32 Ω
  • SINAD level of more than 125dB
  • NFCA(Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) modules
  • Surpassing The Limits Of APX555B

My unit is on its way so I’ll soon be able to provide you with much more details. So be sure to check back for a full review coming soon.

You can already purchase the L30 at: HiFiGo

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