Schiit Modius released at $199

Schiit Modius

Schiit has just released it’s latest budget-friendly DAC named Schiit Modius. According to the manufacturer, it’s a bigger, balanced-output Modi with super-high performance and even better versatility. Modius sells for $199 but packs some interesting features to justify it.

First on the list is an in-house developed USB receiver called Unison. D/A converter chip got updated from AK4490 in Modi 3 to AK4493 in Modius. Connectivity is richer too with AES/EBU digital input and balanced XLR outputs.

Modius comes in both silver and black finishes, and as with all Schiit devices it is designed and built in California. Its $199 pricing means it slots just between Modi 3 and Modi Multibit, and I’m looking forward to make a full review as soon as I can get hold of it.

Official product web-page

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