Topping A90 Headphone Amplifier Released

Topping A90

Following their flagship DAC D90, Topping has just released a matching head-amp Topping A90. Dimensions and styling are unexpectedly in line with D90 so these two make a stylish looking stack.

Topping brags that A90 is equipped with ultra-high performance NFCA modules, Voltage current hybrid feedback architecture with UHGF (Ultra High Gain Feedback) technology. It provides excellent AC and DC performance. The AMP output has an ultra-low impedance of < 0.1 Ohms, while high output current capability allows it to drive low impedance headphones with ease. Furthermore, ultra-low noise of <0.2 uVrms is supposed to drive the most sensitive IEMs without producing any audible background noise.


  • It can be used as Headphone AMP or Pre-AMP.
  • NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier).
  • Three Output Ports, 4.4mm balanced, 4-Pin XLR balanced, and 6.35mm unbalanced.
  • Three gain modes, Low, Medium, High.
  • Ultra-Low Distortion < 0.00006%.
  • High Dynamic Range of 145 dB.
  • Ultra-low Noise < 0.2 uVrms.
  • Ultra-low Output Impedance < 0.1 Ohms.
  • Output Power up to 7600 mW x 2.

Three Gain Modes

The Topping A90 features three gain modes, low, medium, and high. They add a volume gain of -9.5d B (Low), 0 dB (Medium), and 9.5 dB (High) for single-ended output and -3.5 dB (Low), 6.0 dB (Medium), and 15.5 dB (High) for balanced output ports. The device features three output ports, 4.4 mm balanced, 4-Pin XLR balanced, and 6.35 mm unbalanced output ports.

Topping A90 retails for $499. You can buy it on HiFiGo or read more about it on the official page.

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